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Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

Turn challenges into stronger relationships and better results.

The Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Webinar

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is designed to improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors. It isn’t about conflict resolution; rather, it’s focused on helping you curb destructive thoughts and behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, improving your workplace results and relationships.


Before we can engage in productive conflict, we must first understand our behavioral tendencies and the tendencies of those around us. DiSC® is able to provide those crucial insights in a model that is easy to understand and implement.


Complete the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile

Participants are asked to complete a research-based, online assessment. Your results are used to create a personalized report that describes the destructive and productive conflict behaviors of your DiSC style.

This profile will help you to learn more about your automatic thoughts and how you can disrupt this process. You will learn how to gain control and choose a more productive path forward. 

View a Sample Productive Conflict Profile



Join a Live Event

John's live, online training isn’t like a typical online class. Learners will participate in activities and partner discussions. They will engage in video and other activities to understand details about their DiSC Style. Participants will also develop action plans for implementing what they've learned. A standard, interactive session lasts 3 hours.


Healthcare staff, front-line managers, and administrators will benefit from the power of the DiSC . Participants will:

  • Uncover the reasons behind destructive responses to conflict and learn how to reframe them to become more constructive and useful.

  • Recognize the unique personalities of your coworkers and use healthy conflict to help solve business problems.

  • Learn actionable strategies to engage in more productive and positive workplace conflict.


Individual Session

Each webinar includes a follow-up individual 30-minute virtual coaching session to ensure participants understand how to implement what they have learned. John's coaching sessions will educate you on how to use the DiSC profile results to your advantage to succeed in your career. Together, you will map out strategies for dealing with specific situations and create objectives for your long-term healthcare career.

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Introduction to Everything DiSC
Productive Conflict

Ready to get started? Sign up for a live webinar today!

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